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I Quit!!!!

Divax Posts: 51 Level 3

I'm seriously fuming right now. How did the game i love so much suddenly become a constant source of headache? The last bubblegum hill was not designed for anyone to win. How can they pack four difficult levels into one bubblegum hill episode? After level one, the rest are just too difficult. As a veteran player, i wouldn't have minded maybe two hard levels, but four? Come on!! This episode took all my boosters.i even managed to reach level five on three different occasions, but the last level shouldn't even be on a bubblegum hill episode because it was too extremely hard. Also i was playing with all three boosters and still couldn't win. Why did they decide to ruin this game for us? I was looking at a screenshot from last year April where i had over 300 gold, which i earned from hours of playing the game. Fast forward to now, i barely have 10 gold, and i put in two to three hours gameplay everyday. We can't all afford to buy boosters. I believe if you put in the time, you should get rewarded. Why not limit the buying to the lazy ones who want to complete levels fast and reward those of us who put in the time? I watch every ad, i put in the work, and yet the game stiffs me and i feel cheated. 
This last bubblegum hill was unforgivable and i stopped playing ever since. I'm usually not a quitter, but this one pierced right into my heart.
I do appreciate the competitions that helps us win boosters on this platform, but i want the game i love back the way it was. I hate mr Toffee!
I'll keep a lookout here to see if there are changes, but if folks are still complaining,  i won't bother returning to CANDY CRUSH SODA. 


Now 😫


  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 16,051 Soda Moderator
    edited April 2019
    @Divax For me, the BGH changed in finding Easter eggs and these levels now are easier than the levels first. Normally I get new levels from BGH during the weekend, but they are changed now. It’s called Egg Hunt Hill.
  • Divax
    Divax Posts: 51 Level 3
    @Divax I am with you on this one. The last couple of months they have changed the algorithms in such a way that it is almost impossible to beat a level without boosters. The gameplay has become tedious, frustrating and annoying. They have done this deliberately. They had at Activision (parent company of King)  big layoffs of staff and they have to improve their earnings. Because enough people still buy boosters and are ignorant to the fact they are cheated by this rigged and manipulated game, players who do not buy boosters are the victim of this King strategy.  I am telling in multiple threads that this is the case and I am basically told to shut up by the moderator. They do not want any negative or critical  comments here, everything should be hallelujah. I deleted the game last week because I came to a point that I wanted to throw my iPhone X on the floor, that was the signal to stop playing. They will never admit that they rigged the game even more as long as people will buy their boosters. And for what?? If you win, the only reward you get is to get annoyed, cheated, frustrated with the next level. Now you can tell sometimes after 2 or 3 moves that you will not beat the level. That was never the case. The last level I played I had 2 hours of gameplay, all boosters for 2 hours and could not even come close to beat the level. I even had 4-5 times RK on the first board and came not close. (level had 2 boards). 50 moves in total, went to the second board with 42 and did not find any bears after that. Then you know this game is totally rigged and manipulated. Unfortunately they are killing off what used to be a fun game to play. 
    Oh my God, I'm so frustrated with how drastic this game has changed. All the fun stuff are gone. No motivation to play without boosters and gold. There should be rewards for time put in. I'm so angry i can't breath! 

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