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such a lack of respect for the players...

Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
I ca n't believe it. We said and repeated we hated Mr Stupid, Xsarly remained silent, and finally, we are all stuck with the moronic idea!!!
What are we? just milking cows? 
the inanity of Mr Toffee beats human understanding. You deal with a "team" whose members you cannot pick, who is going to do nothing, and prevent you from getting rewards, and you may only do two tasks a day. Plus the number you must reach is not counted properly, plus you don't know what you would get if your lovely teammates did their job, plus... so many things!
Why did we bother? the only thing left is to quit the game, and hope Activision regrets deeply their investment.
I am ashamed I liked the game.


  • Joseph45
    Joseph45 Posts: 1,582 Level 5
    Hello @Anne_Martin! I can understand why you may be frustrated, but I must ask you to be more respectful when dealing with frustration here in the community. I can assure you that @Xarly, and the other community managers are doing their absolute best to ensure that you have the best experience playing their games as possible. They are all very busy trying to maintain all their games, as well as help as much as they possibly can here in the community. If you are frustrated with your games, then why not try taking a break for a little while. Trust me, I just did not too long ago, and I returned a lot more refreshed to play the game. I wish you the very best! 
  • Sandra_Ellis
    Sandra_Ellis Posts: 4 Newbie
    Mr. Toffee is an attempt to get users to spend money to buy boosters that they have to use to get a booster.  I want my quests back.  If it doesn't happen soon I will no longer play the game.  PLEASE EVERYONE.....Do not play Mr. Toffee.  It is the only way we will get the message across.  When I did try the game it was very obvious that I was the only one on my team even playing.  Done with it.
  • princesslittlepiddle
    princesslittlepiddle Posts: 25 Level 2
    I thought this community was where you came to voice issues with the game.  Being frustrated sure doesn’t seem rude to me.  I think the intention was not at anyone specifically that maintains this community, but rather that it be forwarded up the chain so that a change can be made. 

    And I Totally agree with her frustration.  
    No one else on my team is playing.
    You can only fill in ticks 2 per day.
    And the prizes stink!  Daily Quests gave FAR better prizes.  
    Not to mention my teammates are getting free prizes for NOT helping.  
    I want Daily Quests back just like everyone else playing.  

    So to whomever is reading this, please send it up the authority chain and let the one who CAN make changes understand we all DO NOT like Mr. Toffees Fair.  Thanks 
  • Raul_Edgemere
    Raul_Edgemere Posts: 13 Level 2
    Re: people not contributing but still getting benefits; Looks like the designers of Mr. Toffee fail to understand basic game theory.
  • Anne_Martin
    Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
    Be more respectful?

    O dear Kim Jong Un, uh, sorry Activision,

    May we respectfully, Activision, light of the gamers, lick Your feet and tell You MTF is pure garbage, of course, glorified garbage as created by You, but garbage anyway.

    Could we, humble ants crawling under Your august feet suggest You throw it away and give us the quests back? du You understand we are leaving the game more and more every day? 

    Would you understand that, despite our low status, we are the people, and the game You bought depends on us for its future? Do You agree that we are entitled to be treated with a minimum of respect, even a fake one? can You understand, from Your silver lined cloud -or bathtub, like Uncle Stooge, we hate to see changes imposed to is, and get sick from frustration hen the changes are so stupid? I won't repeat all the reasons making MTF a catastrophe, but do You want to be used in MBA programs as the way to lose a 5 billion investment faster than thought possible?
    As players, we are still entitled to some dignity and You deprived us of it.
    All the ones who acted as dictators before have been condemned sooner or later. Will You be among the fastest results?

    Dear ex-king of the games, please correct Your mistakes before it is too late.

    From one of Your previous humble admirers
  • Anne_Martin
    Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
    Seriously, what amazes me is that you are only volunteers, and more supportive of the king than he is himself. If you disagree with what I say, explain. But no, actually you agree, and just find a way to criticize by telling me I should be more respectful. Of what? a company firing 800 persons after its best year ever? of Mr. Kotick? did you read some of his comments on 2019? he is good so far for the investors, but nothing else.
  • Wiggles777
    Wiggles777 Posts: 78 Level 3
    It’s freemium.  It just decided to be stupid about it. 
  • Anne_Martin
    Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4

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