What’s the goal? Please make it easier to understand what you have to achieve to get past a level.

o2btamo2btam Posts: 1
I think if you put a button on each level anyone could read easily you would get more sales. My 90 year old GM would love to play and has many times but she got frustrated because it wasn’t clear what she needed to accomplish the level and move to the next. Please help.
Thanks for the smiles this game puts on her face! I bet there are a ton of seniors having the same issue!  By the way her doctor told us to start having her play games like yours to help slow the loss of cognitive function.  There’s not anything on this earth I like to her more than her laughter when she gets a prize or gets past a level.  
Sincerely Tam
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We will forward it to the team so they can look into it.


  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,106 Community Manager
    Hey @o2btam ,

    Your message really makes us happy! We are glad we can help your 90 year old grandmother have a nice life. You coming and caring for her already shows that she has a great family as well :smile:.

    We will forward your idea to the studio. We always aim for Soda to be a game that is easy to understand for everyone and we always want our players to enjoy all of our levels and modes. Sometimes we might not be able to always succeed at it but rest assured, our intent is to make sure we bring fun to as many players as possible.

    Cheers and I would love to see you and your grand mother around here if possible!

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 20,991 Superstar
    edited June 28
    This is a totally awesome idea!  Just voted for it!  @o2btam, would it work for her if I created a small guide?  I have previously created guides for the beginner but I could try to put together something for older players.
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