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chibadingchibading Posts: 1
I've had the new feature of Mr. Toffee's Fair for a while now and am growing increasingly frustrated with it. For one, because often times the one square required to complete a line gets blocked by another player for days. Second, because most of the times I feel like I am the only player actually completing quests at all, while the other players just benefit. They might be bots, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt there.
My suggestion is to reward players with boosters, once they have completed say 12 squares. That way you could give an additional incentive to players to actually engage with the new feature of Mr. Toffee's Fair and reward those, who put in most of the work.
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  • Lyn73Lyn73 Posts: 1
    I totally agree.  it does get frustrating when someone on the team either chooses not to participate when there is only one square left to complete a line or is blocking a square.
  • drdebra47drdebra47 Posts: 1
    Bring back daily rewards.  Mr. Toffee's Fair is awful.  You should be able to kick a person off a square.
  • lilpebbles30lilpebbles30 Posts: 3
    I haven't had Mr. Toffee in about a week.... Is anyone havin issues with it? 
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