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how many times can you play and fail a level?

disappointedbykingdisappointedbyking Posts: 143 Level 3
I mean how many times in a row before being too frustrated to play on, and how many times before giving up the game?
My limit before stopping for a while is about 10 times, my limit before quitting probably close to a thousand. But then, I reach the point when I never want to see the game again.
What about you?


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,909 Sweet Legend
    My experience is: I started playing the game like any other saga that I can play as a PC player on KC. Only after a while did the lust pass me by. Because you hang on each level for a long time and has no help from boosters. I have the one version without anything from the beginning. Since I lost the desire. I was more interested and focused on Candy Crush. because my suggestions were implemented and I could already play this saga through. And I'm done. I've tried it now with soda. And hang on to any level without booster or any change in this saga. In the fall it will be different for me and then I can compare. See under discussion .:

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