Who am I? Match the characters and their stories!

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Below are pictures of some of the characters that appear in Candy Crush Soda Saga.  Can you match each trivia to the character? 

A  =   I made my first appearance in the Gooey Glacier episode.  I introduce the frosting levels in the game.  Sometimes I can be moody.  I am the enemy to the Soda Professor from Frosting Forest.  In this episode I am standing on the huge ice.  I make a second appearance in the Milkshake Break episode, where I am a waiter in a soda restaurant.  Who am I?

B  =  I played a character in the Candy Crush Saga game.  Now I make an appearance in the Home Sticky Home episode.  I am a secretary in the soda library.  I am featured on the bubble gum level types.  I often play an antagonizing role in storylines, often for amusement.  Who am I?

C =   I was introduced in Candy Crush Saga.  I am the sister of Kimmy.   I eat 500 Swedish Fish a day because it is good for my joints!  My adoptive father is Mr. Toffee.  I make my only appearance in the Soda Splash episode where I am trying to take the candy cane out of the twist.  Who am I?

D =  I am first introduced on level 301.  I can store candies and special candy abilities.  When I fill up I can remove one candy color when you activate me.  Who am I?

E =  I play a minor character in this game.  I make an appearance in the Honey Garden episode.  Please excuse my drooling.  I am featured on the honey levels.  Who am I?

F =   I was introduced in Candy Crush Saga.  I am Tiffi’s best friend.  I make my first appearance in the Candy Town episode.  I can give you some helpful tips if you have trouble with some levels.  My concern is that Tiffi has disappeared and I am getting worried because her letters stop coming.  Who am I?

G =   I am the main protagonist in the game.  I am 10 years old and I just found out that my sister is missing so I set out in the soda world by boat to find her.  While searching for her, I discover what’s out in the open world and meet up with many people.  On the hard levels, I wear Ninja clothing holding a fan in my  right hand.  On the super hard levels I wear Samura clothing and I am holding 2 candy cane swords.  On the ultra-hard levels I wear Japanese man clothes with a white beard.  Who am I?

H = I am originally from Candy Crush Saga.  I made my first appearance in the Palm Sugar Oasis episode where I meet up with Kimmy who is searching for her sister.  In the Cotton Candy Castle episode I go back to the past.  In the Soda Splash episode I see Tiffi trying to take the candy cane out of the twist.  Who am I?

Thanks to @bearwithme, @firebombmarkus and @Crimson_Dawn for helping me brainstorm some ideas on how to post the trivia here in the community.


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