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how to use MTF

disappointedbyking Posts: 143 Level 3
Most of you have got the drill, but obviously, some don't understand. So, a few pieces of advice about how to make it bearable for all:

Pick up tasks you should finish in a day if you play for them. It is always bad when a tile is blocked for days!

If you don't intend to play MTF, but are bothered by pop-ups until you pick up a task, please select one of the impossible ones, like "use a striped hammer". Don't worry, no one will want it! But if you click on "collect 150 green candies", you prevent someone from your team of completing the task and bringing you (undeserved) rewards.

If you see an easy task like "collect 100 red candies", but your level does not have red ones, either leave it, or play a previous level with red candies, as you did with the quests. 

I'm willing not to be stubborn and try, but as long as the "teams" are randomly picked, and people don't play it right, it will be a failure. Please, King, take away the limitation of 2 tasks a day, and you fellow players, make the little effort of not blocking lines for no reason.

Maybe we can find a compromise then.



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