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Level 2776

candysodacrusher Posts: 234 Level 3
Arrived at this level 2 days ago.  It’s a FUN level, labeled hard.  Rescue 49 bears from the honey.  Able to rescue about 40 bears with no boosters.  Thinking...this will be a piece of cake with a double fish booster which would be my daily bonus booster the following day.  Got lots of opportunities to combine a fish with either a color bomb or a coloring candy.  Next day—get the double fish.  Guess what?  Opportunities to combine a fish with either a coloring ball or color bomb completely dried up!  Don’t think I ever saver more than 35 bears with the double fish!  Played today with my coloring ball booster.  Same results as the first day.  The really crazy part—about 90% of the time I’m getting 3 stars without passing the level.  Go figure.  I am determined that I will pass this level without using additional moves or hammers.  It shouldn’t be that hard to do.  


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