If you could be a Soda Saga character for a day, who would you be and why?

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Below please find some of the minor characters from Candy Crush Soda Saga.  In brackets are the episodes where they can be found.  In quotations, are the comments that they say in those episodes.  Let us know which Soda Saga character you would like to be for a day and please tell us why.

Camel (Coconut Cream Mirage).  “Cross the sugar desert by yourself? You don't even have whipped humps to sustain you! No one's ever crossed without extra sweets. You must be all sweetness inside.”

Flamingo (Disco Delish).  “This jam is the bomb! Move to the music baby! Shake your feathers, feel the groove!”

Good Witch (Candy Bear Village).  “Mind your step, sweetheart. The bears like to play on the bricks. Follow the road and you'll meet the one you need. Keep your sparkle up!”

Honey Dragon (Honey Garden) “Excuse my honey drool! I've been sampling all the wild candies outside of the factory! I hope the factory re-opens! I prefer the cakes our boss always ordered for us workers.”

King Semla (Castle of Semla).  “Nothing is better than a semla, not even being king! If you don't get whipped cream on your nose you're not doing it right!”

Lolly (Hidden Library). “Watch your step around the books, they might drag you in.  Once upon a time, there was a silly jelly fish and a very cheeky cat.”

Mama (Glitter Glade).  “All this soda has really done wonders for my roots! You get cotton candy, and you get cotton candy… Cotton candy for everyone!”

Miss Tutu (Marshmallow Matinée).  “Move softly, like the marshmallow! Be bubbly like soda, swirl like cotton candy!”

Monkling (Bubbly Backstreet).  “I sing, I act, I clean.. Nothing I can't do really! Did you see me in Candy Knight? I swear it was my tail in the fight scene!”

Ms. Sugar Snout (Dango Garden).  “You. Are. ADORABLE! And the trees are adorable, everything is ADORABLE! Don't forget to try the tea, it's almost as sweet as you.”

Professor Bubbles (Frosting Forest).  “In all my years as a Soda Professor, I've never tasted such high levels of sugar! Something must have gone deliciously wrong at the Candy Factory!”

Raccoon (Gallery Glaze).  “I will become the best artist in the world! Oui, Kimmy! I've painted everyone in the Kingdom, recognize someone?”

String Dragon (Caramel Cream Clouds).  “Watch your step, dear. I'm creating the perfect nest for my beautiful eggs. They're hatching, my lovely babies. Thank you for helping me fluff the clouds.”

Stud (Rosy Raspberry Lake). “You there! Tell me, is my mane more sparkly than this lake? A rose named after me would definitely smell sweeter.”


Please note that we are currently running a Knock, Knock joke contest here.

Get your "character of the day" image created and you can use it as an entry into the contest.

All that you have to do is to tell us who your favorite character is here

and then send me a private message and I will send you your character saying "Knock, knock!"


And that's it for today! 

Since I have completed my fun, it is now your turn to have fun! 

Please choose which character you would like to be for a day and then say why you chose that character.

I really look forward to your responses.

If you enjoy the characters in this game, you might want to visit @Ashraf's fun message "let us share sweet screenshots of the soda world" here.


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