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Pickles123 Posts: 111 Level 2
edited July 2019 in Discussions
Just spent an hour on this, with a colour changing bomb, absolutely nowhere near completion.
The game is fixed in favour of (...) who spend €€€s.
The same woman wins every race in my squad, she must spend an absolute fortune (...), she’s days ahead of everyone else.

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  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,826 Sweet Legend
    Hi @Pickles123, welcome to our community.  Do you feel better now that you expressed yourself here?  Are you not able to enjoy the community experience here?  I empathize with you and I hear your frustration but isn't it great that the woman in your squad is helping your team?  I haven't got that event in my game so I am not too familiar with it.
  • Pickles123
    Pickles123 Posts: 111 Level 2
    She’s helping herself, not the squad.
    Shes exactly what Activision want, gullible and easily separated from her money.

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