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Ktripp7Ktripp7 Posts: 4
Team challenges are great but not when the players don't contribute. Please make a way to either send push notifications to these players or send messages to players within the soda crush app. So we can tell a team member to contribute or that we only need x amount of points to get a prize. Either that or teams should be chosen so that similar playing habits with similar skills are matched. Or if a team mate is inactive for X amount of time they should be removed or replaced or at least provide the ability to let someone else on the team complete their task they are inactive on. I have lost challenges or had to wait days because a team member is not playing when we tick the tiles. I am also a member of a soda squad to collect points for prizes. I have double the points (84) of the second highest scorer in my group (43) and the followed by scores 19 and 8. If I was better paired with similar people I could have recieved prizes by now. It's really frustrating to spend time playing the games, strategizing, paying for lives, or using up boosters in order to earn points only to end up losing or not reaching goals because 1 or 2 team members did not try, or were not skilled
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  • peejaypeejay Posts: 121 ✭✭✭
    Yeah that will be very awesome
  • wrigle5wrigle5 Posts: 1
    A back up to the above request would be if a player logs off, log them off of the tiles as well, that way the rest of us can continue on and not be held back by tile sitters.
    And by the way players, if you are going to log off, vacate the tile you are on, AND 


    , Please don't pick a tile you cannot complete. Thank you all
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