What is your favorite September song?

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For some of you the summer is coming to an end and fall will soon be here.  For others, it's coming to the end of winter and spring will soon be here. Our three Candy Crush characters are having a grand old time in the pool, but little do they realize that September is just around the corner. 

This got me thinking today. 

September...............  what can be said about September? 

Well there are loads of song writers out there that have done just that!  Do you have a favorite September song?  I thought that I did until I chatted with @firebombmarkus today and he told me what his favorite September song is!  

Kimmy, Tiffi and Yeti would love to know what your September song is!  So how about you find a gif or a You Tube song and post it here for them to see?


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