I’ve played over 850 days in a row and it’s not counting all the days, why??

I ‘ve been playing close to 900 days in a row but it’s not counting all the days. It’s been twice now that the counter put me back to the low 700s. Why??? 


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,272 Community Moderator

    Oh no, sorry to hear about this :(

    900 days, wow 😲

    I'm afraid we don't have access to this feature as it's saved on the device itself so we're not able to restore it. This is not a feature that gets backed up so once lost, you'll have to start again.

    It can sometimes be reset with an update of either your device's operating system or of the game itself. The calendar can also start over again if you change the date and time or switch the time zone on your device, or, after many technical issues that can occur in the game or on the device you play on. 

    The value of the rewards will increase after day 7 so even though you need to start over, you're still getting a free booster every day.

    Have a Sodalicious day :)

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