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Sad about Some of My Fellow Soda Candy Crush Team Members



  • Dirty_Nurse
    Dirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 4
    wowee1000 said:
    The issue of them stealing lives was more about the 3 months I’ve had to deal with my credit card company for false charges they placed on my card. Many others have experienced this as well. The game didn’t get my credit card through me. But I have made purchases through Facebook using my card and my understanding is that is how they received access to it. Regardless, I’m just annoyed with them in general and all the stress they have aded to my life
    I don’t think I ever bought anything on fb.  Didn’t even know you could actually, I really only use it to play a few of the free King games.  Sucks for you, I hope you get it straightened out!  Maybe remove your card in the meantime or ask for a new one on account of fraudulent charges if you haven’t already?  
  • wowee1000
    wowee1000 Posts: 6 Level 2
    I’ll tell you how bad it got. They were billing me, the game, maybe 30 times in the course of 2 minutes for $3.99, 6.99, 16.99, etc, maybe 30 charges in 2 minutes. Even if someone wanted to buy points or whatever it is they buy for these games, its impossible to buy what they were billing my card. So I called my credit card company and explained what had happened and asked if I needed to cancel the card. They said no, that they would simply block it. At the end of the month, there were charges for a total of over $300. I was so angry, canceled the card, said I wouldn’t pay those charges, which they put in dispute and then issued me a new card.  I thought the problems would be resolved until the next bill came and sure enough, another 315 dollar charge. Apparently, when my credit card company cancels a card and a company then bills my old card, they put the charges through assuming I didn’t contact the companies I do business with and tell them the card was canceled. Finally, after lots of yelling on my part with the credit card company as to why they would allow anyone to bill my old card after reporting the issues I had, I now have a little over 615 dollars from this damn game in dispute. Personally, I think criminal charges should be brought against this company that runs the game. I’m furious and the game people refuse to respond to me. So everyone, please be careful if you sign into a store like Nordstroms via Facebook because you don’t remember the password to that store. Once you then make a purchase at that store, guess who now has your credit card?
  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,701 Sweet Legend
    @wowee1000, are you sure that it's King doing the billing to your credit card?  I don't believe that it is.  It's your Google Play account or your Apple store account that has the glitch and not King.

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