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Fun Game

Babe666 Posts: 1 Newbie
THIS Game Is Fun BUT Some Lvl Are Difficult BUT I Love THIS Game No Matter WHAT, 


  • firebombmarkus
    firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend
    Hi @Babe666 and welcome to our adorable Community 😊 I am very glad that you are enjoying this game. Which level are you on?

    Of course, some levels can be challenging but I think it's great as I don't like games which are too easy. Thank you so much for your feedback. Have a wonderful day 🤗
  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,683 Sweet Legend
    Hi @Babe666, welcome to our community.  I would like to take a moment to offer you a message for all newbies to learn more about our community which you can find here.  We always run contests so be sure to enter them for a chance to win gold bars.

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