vernajvernaj Posts: 2
My internet isn't working on this game only i can't get my prizes at all 


  • nana1nana1 Posts: 2
    Same here
  • I can't  get connected to Facebook or king community on any of the over a week now I've cleared internet history I've looked into Facebook permissions whether it's expired deleted all including Facebook and then re downloaded I just don't know what else to do I even changed phones invade it was memory issues please help problem with candy crush original soda and friends 
  • jeffsgirl72jeffsgirl72 Posts: 3
    Same here and appears to be an ongoing issue with King doing nothing to fix it
  • KimiWoodKimiWood Posts: 5
    I'm having the same problem. My game won't connect with WiFi or cellular data. When completing a board, the wheel just turns and won't let me go back or close the board so I have to restart the game completely. Or it will say no internet connection.
  • vernajvernaj Posts: 2
    Yup all the same for me
  • nana1nana1 Posts: 2
    Yep..getting very old..was worried it was only me..wish King wld look into it and fix it..been cpl weeks now...
  • sylv45sylv45 Posts: 1
    I cannot get connected to internet to play this game. Dare not remove
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