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TheTruthTheTruth Posts: 20
getting the game freezing when you activate a colour bomb/colour change combo ?
Couldnt be another scam could it ?


  • LilaqLilaq Posts: 7 Kingster

    This issue seem similar to the ones we had recently where an explosion with a Jelly cake on a Jam level made the game freeze. I don't see any Jelly cakes but it's similar with an explosion on a Jam level. 

    A fix for that bug was released with the new version, please try the following:

    ** If you are playing on an Android or iOS devices and having this issue, make sure that you have installed the latest version 1.152.13  If you go to "Google Play Store", you can see any available updates 1 

    ** If you are on PC clear the cookies, delete the browsing history and open your game again!  

    If neither of this works, could you tell me which platform you are using for the game? 
    I also recommend that you post these issues in the support category in the future for efficient support :) 
    Level Designer at Soda. She/Her, call me Lilaq 
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