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1. Love the new version and new ways to earn gold and gifts

2. On the daily prize that is increases in value for consecutive daily visits it would be nice to know the remaining time before the 24 hour period is over. I still don’t quite get it and I play the game every day. I really like the clock countdown for the team play to earn prizes.

3. Some notification on the remaining lives while playing the game would be very helpful.

4. When we earn prizes, like the treasure chest or daily gift, it would be great if we could “hold” them to use at a later time. Sometimes I earn them just before I need to stop playing and I lose the reward! This is frustrating for the prizes that are unlimited lives for 2 hours, etc. I wish I could save it and them claim it later, even if it is a 24 hour period. Longer would be better of course.

thmks for listening!
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