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Block unwanted advertisements

In Holland you show a medical commercial about a free e-book about diabetes - What doctors don't tell you! it is called.
I strongly appose to King advertising for books about potential lethal illnesses.
This belongs in a doctors office and if that doctor thinks it is suited to advice an e-book to somebody diagnosed with diabetes.. Perfect.
BUT NOT KING!!! You are no doctors. Healthy people / young people / just innocent Pet Rescue players / anybody NOT involved with diabetes should get into a diabetes books unless medically trained.. and than you have access to that knowledge by your school or training facility under the control of trained people.

I don't want to see this add.
I think it is morally very very wrong of King to show this add.
I think (almost convinced) it is illegal by Dutch law to show this type of add with medical claims.
I want to BLOCK this add.

Where is the possibility to BLOCK add's that are so very wrong to you personally that you never ever want to see them again?

Just clicking the add away does not help because the add comes back the next time and again and again.

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