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Fish mechanics

Hooky Posts: 136 Level 3
edited December 2019 in Discussions
Has anyone else noticed the cheating going on in The King Games.?
I've been stuck on loads of Levels were I'm relying on a Flying Fish to land on a relevant tile to finish a level, Only to watch in horror and frustration it land on completely the wrong tile, I dont believe they are programmed to land on random tiles..!! Basically King Cheat, I've stopped spending money on the Games because I dont trust them...


  • Xarly
    Xarly Posts: 2,509 Community Manager
    Hey @Hooky ,

    This is not the case. Our games are designed to be fair and feedback on the way the fishes worked has been brought up often.

    The fishes are designed to move to something of value. That could be a booster, a blocker or anything that is of value in the map.

    Sometimes, that randomness of the fishes mechanics makes it seem unfair but it's purely bad luck and part of the core of their design.


  • Hooky
    Hooky Posts: 136 Level 3
    I dont believe you, I've witnessed this happen time and time again..

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