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New levels

jkiernan Posts: 4 Newbie
I haven’t gotten any new levels in 4 weeks now and see that others are on levels higher than where I am. 


  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 16,049 Candy Moderator
    Hello @jkiernan and welcome to our friendly community!  I'm sorry you are having this problem. 15 new levels were just released 1 week ago.  I play on mobile IOS devices and the latest version of the app is 1.154.5.  You need to go to your app store (depending on what platform you are playing on) and make sure you have the latest update of the game.  The new update added shows Kimmy and Yeti sledding thru the snow.  Once you have the most recent update, clear your cache and turn off your platform for at least 10-15 seconds and then turn it on again.  Hopefully once you have done that youshould have the new episodes.

    What is the make and model you are playing on and what version of software?  That can sometimes make a difference to what levels you will have.
  • jkiernan
    jkiernan Posts: 4 Newbie
    I am on the newest version of the game and on the last eat iOS version on my iPhone. Not sure what clearing cache is. Do I need to reinstall game and lose progress. 
  • Sherri_Bouknight
    Sherri_Bouknight Posts: 36 Level 2
    Don’t mean to butt in,but I’d like to know what clearing cache is too and how often we should be receiving new levels. I’m now in a weekly game where you clear as many new levels as possible. I can’t participate because there are no new race episodes, which is the only way I get new levels.

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