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Photos are exchanged

_Elsa_ Posts: 36,701 Sweet Legend
edited February 2020 in Contests

Time goes on and he continues to express his feelings towards her. He tries to convince her that he will never leave her. Not too long after confessing his love to her he tells her that he will not leave. He sounds really genuine so Kimmy accepts his feelings and acknowledges hers to him.

They exchange photos as their relationship deepens. They begin talking to each other on the phone and love is in the air!

 After a few months of being long-distance lovers, they have they choose respective nicknames for each other. Kimmy calls him “Janu” which means ‘Love’. He responds back to her calling her “Sona” which means ‘sweet darling’. 

 Time moves quickly and now it’s 2 years since they first met …………….. 3 years …………… 3 ½ years ……

It has been a rough relationship because they live so far apart from each other. They think about getting together but there never seems to be the right time. The airplane fare is very expensive so they are not sure if and when they will be able to spend some time together.

 Valentine’s Day is approaching. He always sends love and flowers to her. She knows that love is very big for him. But she realizes that they both live in different worlds. Nothing is impossible in this world. She hopes to always be with him, but she fears that he might give up on time. 

She has a very special Valentine’s Day present for him this year. Inside the envelope is a sweet message from her.   

Let's continue with the next part of our story – Kimmy shares a special message with him

Start at the beginning – Love across the miles

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