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Kimmy chats with her new friend

_Elsa_ Posts: 36,701 Sweet Legend
edited February 2020 in Contests

The weather is beautiful outside, not too cold but not too hot either.  The sun is shining, and the beautiful flowers are growing. No message from her sister so she starts heading home.

 Before going to sleep that night, she thinks about the other candy crush King games. She really enjoys Candy Crush Jelly Saga but maybe she should add a second game. Look there is Candy Crush Friends Saga! Kimmy totally forgot that her sister is a part of the game along with some of her friends. They all have superpowers and they seem to enjoy helping the players It would be really funny if Kimmy found a level where Tiffi could help her. She searches for the game app and then installs it. 

“Not too difficult,” she thinks. After playing a few levels Kimmy decides to continue playing this game. She looks forward to playing the levels with her sister’s help.

Back on Facebook, that cute guy starts writing her on Messenger. She is enjoying their conversations and they discuss the King games. He tells her that he is going to be starting a Facebook group for Candy Crush Friends Saga and wants to know if she would like to help him as an admin. She is pleasantly surprised that he values her skills, so she accepts. He sets it up and together they start thinking of things that would interest the members. 

Let's continue with the next part of our story – Love is in the air!

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