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It’s fun to help other game players

_Elsa_ Posts: 36,701 Sweet Legend
edited February 2020 in Contests

A few days later and after helping some of the members in the group, she sees a few more members asking her to accept them as a friend. She accepts their friendship and then goes to the group to see if anyone needs help. As she is about to close Facebook she notices that there are numbers on the bell again. Before accepting them as friends she decides this time to check out their profiles. One of the members is a  really cute male, so she knows that she will accept him as a friend. Oh well, she might as well accept all of them because she really needs friends to send her lives when she runs out. 

When she goes back into the group there are five new messages. One player posts a print screen of a level that is causing a lot of frustration. 

 “Yes, I can help that player,” says Kimmy. It wasn’t that long ago that she was able to clear that level so here comes Kimmy to the rescue!  Once she completes her response, she makes the decision to get off the Internet. She has to take a walk to the seashore to see if Tiffi sent her a message.

Let's continue with the next part of our story – Kimmy chats with her new friend

Start at the beginning – Love across the miles


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