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Kimmy makes friends

_Elsa_ Posts: 36,701 Sweet Legend
edited February 2020 in Contests

Kimmy goes back to the Facebook group once she has finished eating. She wants to see if there are any new messages from the members. Oh wow, some of the members replied to her intro  message. Some are welcoming her to the group and a couple of the members gave her some ideas on how to clear the level. She closes Facebook and then decides to see if their tips help her.  

“Yes!” she exclaims. “I did it! Goodbye Jelly Queen and please do not come back again real soon.”

 She continues to play the game until she runs out of lives. She has nothing else planned for today, so she goes back to the group to see if more members replied to her message or if they are seeking help.  One player has completed all the levels and is waiting for a new episode. She realizes that she still has a long way to go compared to that member. 

Her eye catches something at the top near her Facebook settings. There is a bell with a number 3 on it. She clicks on the bell to find out what it is. Wow, 3 members have sent her a friend request. She accepts them all.

Back in the group Kimmy creates a new message thanking the members for helping her clear the level. 

Let's continue with the next part of our story – It’s fun to help other game players

Start at the beginning – Love across the miles


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