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Let’s start from the beginning

_Elsa_ Posts: 36,701 Sweet Legend
edited February 2020 in Contests

One hot summer day at the beginning of June, Kimmy gets very frustrated trying to clear a jelly boss level. She dislikes playing against Jelly Queen because the queen usually manages to spread that green jelly all over the board to the point of overtaking her red jelly. 

“That’s it!” Kimmy thinks. “I’m done with trying to beat her for now. I can’t even get close to clearing the level and now I’ve run out of lives.”

 Kimmy closes out the game and then checks her mobile phone for messages. She has a message from Genie Jellybeanie. He doesn’t write her that often, so it has to be something important. 

 That is so sweet of him offering suggestions on how to seek help for the difficult levels. She gets back on her phone and opens up the Google search.

Let's continue with the next part of our story – Kimmy checks out Facebook

Start at the beginning – Love across the miles


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