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Love is all around - Valentine's Quest and new Art!

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Love is all around Soda these days, in case you haven't realized!

In order to celebrate and spread the love, you might have seen some things appearing in the game.

  • A new version of the map's art!

Yeti and Mr. Toffee are loving it as you can see! Do you love it too? Let the Soda Team know below with your comments!

  • A Valentine's Quest!

The objective of the quests is to complete each task. The difficulty of the quest will be harder for every quest being done. Once completing each task you will receive an in-game reward + a puzzle piece for the big reward. Once all 7 tasks are completed you will get a big reward!  ♥️

You have until Monday the 17th of Feb (local time) to enjoy the event and make the most out of it!

Let us know below what your opinions are on each of the two initiatives and any message of love that you wish to share with us or with the rest of the Community!





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