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Do you love quotes??

Yohanan Posts: 520 Level 3

Hello guys!!!!

Did anyone love quotes??-different kind like inspirational, motivational, school, work, family, friends and other kinds of quotes. If so, I will post you any kind of quotes because I am a lot addicted to quotes!!

Please share me your ideas whether you love quotes or not. And this may include quotes for king games too!!

Who love quotes like me???? I ❤ quotes!!!!


  • ashlicious
    ashlicious Posts: 5 Level 2
  • Yohanan
    Yohanan Posts: 520 Level 3

    Ok..then I will try to post some!!!

  • Yohanan
    Yohanan Posts: 520 Level 3


    #life is hard....but not impossible!

    #never give up on someone you can't forget!!!!!

    #face your past without regret,

      handle your future with confidence,

      prepare for the future without fear!!

    #life is not the process of discovery, but the process of creation.

    #the best revenge is always moving ON!!

    #don't late today's darkness cover tomorrow's brightness!!

    #always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go!!


  • Yohanan
    Yohanan Posts: 520 Level 3


    #fighting is not enough, you are expected to win!!!

    #success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it does come from what you do consistently!!

    #experience is a hard teacher!!

    # you don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!!

    # trust no one, love everyone!!!

    #don't believe everything you think!!

    #learn from everyone because everyone knows something, but no one knows everything!!

    # be yourself!!

    #Focus on the outcome....not the obstacle!!

  • Yohanan
    Yohanan Posts: 520 Level 3
    edited April 2020

       Another Quotes

    #learn to be alone...... no one will stay forever!!

    #if the plan doesn't work... change the plan but never the work!!

    #never apologize for what you feel its like saying sorry for being real!!!!

    #born to be real not perfect...

    #it doesn't matter how slowly you go.... as long as you don't stop!!


  • jess_ica_123
    jess_ica_123 Posts: 65 Level 2
  • LuisGerardoCortez
    LuisGerardoCortez Posts: 7 Level 2

    #Haz lo que desees mientras tengas vida

    #Vivir Feliz es Vivir

    #Amate a ti mismo para que así Ames a los demás

  • LadyRaffie
    LadyRaffie Posts: 4,130 Community Manager

    Hello everyone!

    @Yohanan thanks for this lovely thread!

    @LuisGerardoCortez Thanks for your contribution! Unfortunately, this is an English Community. We have players across the game, so it's better to speak English, this way we can all understand each other. If you are not crafted on English, you can always use different tools such as Google Tranlastor.

    If on the other hand, you want to speak Spanish, just for you to know we have a very special corner : Rincon Hispano where our Community only speaks Spanish ☺️

    And here goes my quote:

    If lives give you lemons.. make lemonade!

  • Yohanan
    Yohanan Posts: 520 Level 3

    #Never give up...... great things take time!!

    #Do sth everyday to achieve ur goals!!

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