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Just 2 small things

iamleaceiamleace Posts: 20 Level 2

Sorry for my bad spelling n grammar

☆●☆1st First Quest● - wasn't there a "skip" button that you could click to hurry up and fast forward thru your board finishing up after you've won the level. ?

If not that'd be a nice thing. {An Awesome thing actually. }


Most other games, (especially when there's paid add-ons) have a simple Confirm? Y□ N□ button {or at very least an Undo button.}

I think most of us would prefer an extra click needed to use gold bars and/or use a bonus power weapon tool thingie in the game (like the lollipop sucker thingie that smashes and the red hand that moves shit) just to stop the horror and aggravation of accidental clicks.

Thanks to you guys for everything eh

😎El in Canada

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