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AdavAdav Posts: 153 Level 3

I know, nothing is impossible! It just sometimes feel like it when playing some of the levels, using up all boosters and lives upon lives upon lives as well as Free time lives, and still you do not get to complete a level. Luck is definitely not on my side, so I suppose I should never gamble! ha ha. I suppose, the right thing to do is to find something else to do and only play games at night and not sit and wait for time to go past to be able to play a game.... Well, problem with that, Lockdown is not funny, and not much else to do out there. A book, I suppose, but hey, what's more fun than sitting and seeing the minutes go past ...... 29, 28.... 10, 3 , and then you get to count down the last 20 seconds and YAY, another life! and then you lose.

No this is not a rant, just wondering how many other addicts are out there doing and encountering the same thing.....


  • sparklyunicornsparklyunicorn Posts: 1 New Bee

    I cannot beat level 205 and now I remember why I quit CCS. It is completely impossible. The more matches I make, the more chocolate builds up. I'm thisclose to deleting the game...AGAIN

  • AdavAdav Posts: 153 Level 3
    edited June 4

    @sparklyunicorn , The Bubblegum and Chocolate levels are the worst! They baffle me no end. Try find the videos and discussion on the internet by APPTipper.... he/she explains well how to deal with the chocolate in every level. Sometimes you have to get rid of the brown first, sometimes you just have to blast them all with whatever good combos you have. here is another link for you to have a look at...


    You can do it. Frustrating I know, but the excitement when you get it, is amazing! Good luck, and keep going!

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  • ipeteipete Posts: 309 Level 3

    Yah, I hate chocolate too, especially both black and white on the same level.

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