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All the right moves

FunicornFunicorn Posts: 6 Level 2

I was wondering something. Every time the candys fall is there a way to beat that level? You know if made all the right moves you would win. Or are some of them unbeatable and you have to wait until they fall just the right way?


  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,388 Legend

    Yes initially, u need to make the right moves ... but it will get random in the middle and end...

    some board at the start, have very obvious right moves in the beginning ... it will be very difficult if u choose to try other moves in the very beginning ...

    this is what I feel...

  • AdavAdav Posts: 153 Level 3

    @Funicorn , I don't think any level is unbeatable, but some are more challenging than others.... Sometimes you get the perfect board to start off with, and it all goes wrong somewhere, and other times, you get a board that you think is a disaster, and then you win... I think it's all about luck and not some of the games not about skill....Have fun figuring it out, but don't stop playing.... Luckily it's only a game! and we should all be having loads of fun. Enjoy!

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