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Daily bonus free play cut in half

sarahcz1949sarahcz1949 Posts: 4 New Bee
edited July 9 in Discussions

It really *Edited by CM: offensive* that King has cut the amount of free play associated with the daily bonus from a half hour to 15 minutes, and also cut the length of the associated booster from two hours to one.


  • AdavAdav Posts: 243 Level 3

    Good News and some confusion with it.....

    I got the normal 1/2 hour starting the new day, + 2 hours of bonus....... BUT / AND it shows that I "had" 1/2 hour lives the days before as well, which is not so...... I suppose the 15 minutes and 1 hour thing was a glitch, and is now corrected!

    Thank you to all who made this happen!!!

    . One Happy player here!!!

  • puddles301puddles301 Posts: 1 New Bee

    I’m in agreement with sarahcz1949 my 30 minutes has been cut in 1/2 to. It isn’t a glitch, it’s been that way for over a week. It seems like the higher I level up the less I get. Why are all my bottles disappearing now when you lose a level? I work hard to get my bottles and to be taken away in one wack is harsh. I’m on level 4036 and I have spent lots of money on this game to get there and for them to keep taking away from its players is sad. I think I’ll delete my game until they decide there players are important.

  • beanragsbeanrags Posts: 12 Level 2

    I did not receive a daily bonus today am I gonna have to start over? I hope not was nearly 200 days in a row


  • AdavAdav Posts: 243 Level 3

    Right, can somebody please report this to the Development / Test Team? This is getting tedious and it seems like it gets from bad to worse every day now.

    1) Daily bonus switched from 30 minutes to 15 minutes for 2 days, back to 30 minutes for a day, but the screenshot shows different info...

    2) Normal levels should definitely not take 30 lives to complete with BOOSTERS....

    3) Hard levels ... Yes, I know they are supposed to be hard, but 62 lives??? really????

    Please can somebody look into this?

  • carterj64carterj64 Posts: 6 Level 2


    Usually,if you miss a daily bonus, you do have to start over. I have also been on a high number of days in a row (534)., Missed a day and went back to 1. Very frustrating.

  • ipeteipete Posts: 741 Level 5

    I think the studio is testing us as players to see how MAD we get. I bet they are laughing to the bank.😡😡🤬

    *Edited by CM: off-topic*


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,897 Game Expert

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    Check app update> Sign out game> Restart device and wait 5 minutes after turning on> Open game and sign in. Please clear the cache and open the app again.

    Good Luck


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  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,567 Community Manager
    edited July 15

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you very much for your feedback

    I'm merging this discussions since you guys are talking about the same topic.

    For your information, they Studio has confirmed they are testing some possible changes in the game, and the Daily bonus is one of the features they are working on. In order to optimize it, they're testing different possibilities. But do not worry, it's just temporary

    In any case, rest assured I will pass your feedback to the Studio 🤗

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  • AdavAdav Posts: 243 Level 3

    @LadyRaffie , I've sent feedback to King, and they advised me to ...... "watch a video" to get through difficult levels.... Really??? Don't think anyone is taking us serious

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