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Lost my 10 bottles

revjayteerevjaytee Posts: 1 New Bee

This morning I tried playing....my game popped on and off....now I’ve lost my 10 bottles full of starters for each game. I’ve worked hard to keep them. Please restore. Thanks!


  • OopsedoopsOopsedoops Posts: 23 Level 2

    10 bottles? Do you get more bottles at certain levels? I have that kind of thing happen with my game too. I will go to play and the game has frozen and I used to lose a life and a bottle but now when the game freezes we will lose all of our bottles. They say losing all of our bottles is temporary. They need to stop this nonsense quickly before they lose many players.

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,903 Game Expert

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    Please keep your game up to date and clear the cache. What is also important is the secure connection to the Internet or WiFi. Then you are on the safe side. It sounds like a technical problem. I'm happy to pass it on !! But that will be on Monday that you will get an answer. Please be patient.

    Thank you and good luck

    @Lola_Pop & @LadyRaffie

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