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Dear Soda Crushers!

Today, 24th of July, would have been the opening day of the XXXII Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Here in the Soda Community we want to turn the Olympic mood on, so while we wait for the games next year, we’d love to host our own Soda Community Games and celebrate those famous values we all love:




💫 Determination




Get ready for some weeks of competition and fair play- in the Sodalicious way! 

Competition 1: level 451 meter dash 🏃 - HERE

Competition 2: Archery 🏹 - HERE


To make it more interesting, the second competition will be a team challenge- so hurry up and choose your own team to participate!!


  • teams have 2-3 players
  • Each team must choose a unique team name
  • Every member of the team needs to have a community account and play Candy Crush Soda (Sign up HERE  in 2 seconds!) 
  • Each player can be in only 1 team
  • To create a team, a player must post the team’s name and the community nickname of all team members here below 👇️and all other team members must react to that post with a “sassy!” 

Candy Crush Soda - Celebrate Level 5000 with us! 🥳

🏆Win Gold Bars in our 5 Competitions HERE 🏆
🥇Claim the exclusive Community 5000 Level badge  HERE!  🥇

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