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[🎉REOPENED]🦇Hunt for Wonderballs with Batula and collect Badges along the way! 🏅

Pitty_Kitty Posts: 13,004 Soda Moderator
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Hello Soda Players!

Fun fact, April 17th is Bat Appreciation Day to reminds us of the roles bats play in our daily lives.🦇

And we do have a tiny and bit mischievious bat character called Batula with an important role in our Soda game 😉

What do you say we celebrate Batula?

Let's go hunting for wonderballs with Batula and collect badges together!

🏆️What to win:

All badges are available:

1 Wonderball BADGE: earned with 1 wonderball (=1 entry)

5 Wonderballs BADGE: earned with 5 wonderballs (=5 entries)

10 Wonderballs BADGE: earned with 10 wonderballs (=10 entries)

25 Wonderballs BADGE: earned with 25 wonderballs (=25 entries)



All entries count in your quest for badges. For example, in order to earn badge 5 Wonderballs, only 4 more entries are required if you have previously earned badge 1 Wonderball with 1 entry.


💡How to play:

  • Activate Batula and let him detect a wonderball for you to reach by playing levels
  • Then submit as many valid entries as they're needed to unlock the latest badge available.

A valid entry consists of:

  1. a screenshot of your progress where your avatar picture and unclaimed wonderball are both visible
  2. a screenshot of Batula picking up the wonderball after you reached it OR screenshot of wonderball content of rewards

👌Good to know:

  • Check out these instructions on how to take a screenshot
  • Use the moutain icon to upload and add pictures to your comment:


  • You may submit any type of wonderball currently available in your game: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary. Quality of wonderballs is not relevant in this contest: we don't want you to break your Treasure Hunt streak nor force you to keep one 🙂
  • You may personalize your screenshots by marking them so they don't get borrowed
  • Kindly post 1 entry per comment
  • You may not submit old screenshots, cropped and manipulated screenshots; you may not cover level numbers, avatar and wonderball
  • If the entry is not valid, the first badge can be removed later, until the participant earns it again with a valid entry.


  • There's no deadline! Let's relax and play together 😉

Treasure Hunt is not available in your game? Let me know in the comments below

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