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request for lives

tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 945 Level 4

I am not able to send or ask for lives. I think there is a problem with this feature. Can anyone tell me what's going on?


  • ipeteipete Posts: 2,219 Level 5

    Check to see if you have the latest update. Because most players here have unlimited lives all week this week.

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    I thought all is good 🙄😪

    Please bring back BGH v1.0

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  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 945 Level 4

    Since yesterday I have not received unlimited lives, I thought I had finished. My game is updated in version: 1.177.7. I made this update on the second day of 9/21.

  • ipeteipete Posts: 2,219 Level 5

    I also see another player has the same problem as you. I'm not sure what is wrong. But this game has (lots) glitches. You may just have to wait til the studio fix it.

    No Complaint Today

    I thought all is good 🙄😪

    Please bring back BGH v1.0

    It takes 40 ⚡️energy to play BGH on CCSS. WTF (F is for Fruitcake 😉)

    8 freaking hours to refill 40⚡️😡

  • Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 2,317 Soda Moderator
    edited September 2020

    Hi @tininha1975 & @ipete,

    Check my post 9/16/2020 below, has a number of other posts you can check on:

    Also, I do not have unlimited lives. What I had to do, was "Rebuild" my "Facebook Friends List" back up. Since I lost all my friends except one. Be sure to check "Settings" on "Facebook", make sure "Permissions" are checked, etc...

    Yes, the King games seem to be having a problem staying signed into "Facebook", especially when you request or send "Lives".

    I have reported it to the CM's on Soda.

    The issue may very well be on the "Facebook" side of things, since their "Updates".

    Checked "Soda Squad Teams", did get "Lives", 5 in fact, couldn't use them because I am full. They will stay in your "Inbox" for a limited amount of time, then you lose them. Think once you reach your "3rd Chest", is when you lose them?

    If you are not on a "Soda Squad Team" yet, then see my posts at:

    *See also with screenshots my post, on how to join up, on Page 5 at above URL:

    I do not use wifi on gaming. Because of connection & security issues, among other things. PC with ethernet is far more stable than wifi. So switch up. The Microsoft store has the "Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App".

    Be sure to "Sync" up your accounts, with "Facebook".

    On another forum posted this:

    • *Important Note! 

    "On these Stats, it is on the "Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App", not using my smartphone yet, for gaming. Why, you may be asking? Because wifi or any device using it, is going to have both, connection, along with security issues, to deal with, especially on gaming. If you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or whatever you are using, then put the device into your PC Modem Router / Gateway, at home. Most have a wifi section for listing devices, this should improve your connection, along with giving you, better encryption, since the PC Modem Router / Gateway have or most have hardware firewalls. Also, the software firewall should be turned on the device you have. You now get 2 levels of security, soft & hard."

    Hope this helps.

    Take Care - Origins7 Dale, 😀


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  • Marriam1Marriam1 Posts: 1,957 Level 5

    Hi, i had unlimited lives for almost a week like ipete said so i don't know how it would go for receiving lives from fb friends, but for sending lives they ask me to sign in everytime to my fb account. Now i am too bored to do that everytime so i am not sending lives to my friends anymore 🙁

  • ipeteipete Posts: 2,219 Level 5

    No Complaint Today

    I thought all is good 🙄😪

    Please bring back BGH v1.0

    It takes 40 ⚡️energy to play BGH on CCSS. WTF (F is for Fruitcake 😉)

    8 freaking hours to refill 40⚡️😡

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 40,640 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Great news! You can click here to follow these steps of request lives issue that I hope this helps. 😊

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    Have a sodalicious day! 🥤

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  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 945 Level 4

    Thank you for trying to help me, but I don't have Facebook, I save my game through the king account. I started receiving unlimited life on the 6th of September 18 and as of the 4th of 23/09/20 I did not receive them. I wonder if anyone is still getting unlimited lives. Because my game is up to date in version 1.177.7.

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