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(FINISHED) Win Gold Bars ⛄️ Winter Games 2nd Competition!



  • Pcj
    Pcj Posts: 1,621 Level 3
  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 22,996 Friends Moderator

    Hi @Pcj you have to play the level and when you have completed it, share your screen. The way you posted, it's not valid.

  • Ahmed3saeed
    Ahmed3saeed Posts: 3 Newbie

    Hi, i hope you are well i would like to say sorry that i am not sending real pictures

    Of my candy crush score because my tablet is not working but i really need 60GB for my me and my friends they really need the goldbars. It really doesn't matter but what i really want is you to accept my apology of not sending pictures but i triend my best in the games.

    My score for level 56 is 9,752

    My score for 560 is 10,036

    My score for 5600 is 65,097

    I would be very grateful if you accept my apology. Have a nice day everyone.

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 10,423 Soda Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the Community @Ahmed3saeed

    Those are nice scores, but if you read the first page you can see the rule is you have to post a screenshot showing that you played that level. This also means that you for the 3 different levels have to post 3 different screenshots.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 11,816 Level 2

    廾ⅰ @LadyRaffie & @Lola_Pop!

    Here is my first try ⬇️ Level 56 - 89.300 Points ⬇️

    I shall return once I'm able to do worse! 😉

    Oh, BTW: I hereby support @Marriam1's plight ⬇️ for a golden ticket to play Level 5600! 😆 I mean, there is no way I can reach that Level in a few weeks, I'm only on Level 410! 😅

    (@Mariam1: in my mind you & @Greymane are related, you both always crack me up!)

    🌟 Happy 2021 everyone! 🌟


    🙌 Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim!

  • bex12
    bex12 Posts: 35 Level 2
    edited January 2021

    *Edited by CM:off.topic*

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 5

    Hey @frenioz00 Lol thanks for supporting my plight for a golden ticket to level 5600 🤣🤣

    But i'm not sure if you've read the revised rules by our CM so i'm quoting it down for you -

    • There will be 3 Gold Medal winners for each level (56,560 and 5600) that will share the prize of 60GB
    • 3 Silver Medal winners for each level(56,560 and 5600) who will share the prize of 45GB
    • 3 Bronze Medal winners for each level (56,560 and 5600) who will share the prize of 30GB

    So now we just have to try to get the lowest from level 56 or if you can manage to pass 150 levels in a week then even level 560!

    You crack me up equally @frenioz00 😂😂 one reason we all really missed your presence!

    And Happy New Year to you as well 🎆

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,439 Level 5

    Hi @LadyRaffie

    Here’s my lowest score for level 560...

    This level is hard for me to pass and I don’t know if I can get lower but I’m going to try. 🤗

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    edited January 2021

    Hi CM's @LadyRaffie @Lola_Pop / With @DieOmimi @frenioz00,  

    Hi Soda Game Experts @Pitty_Kitty @Yosca & myself,

    Hi Winter Soda Games - 2nd Competition Players!

    Ok, here is what I found. However, if you don't mind ladies, would you recheck to make sure I didn't miss someone's lowest score in this contest? My body chemistry is messed up right now, so might have read it wrong.

    • For the *Players, this should help you out on posting for each level. Only need to beat the posted lowest score below, on any of the 3 Levels - 5600 - 560 - 56, that you can do! *Then "Tag" any or all of the *Soda Game Experts listed above, along with @DieOmimi @frenioz00. Who have been a great help here, on these Soda Contests.
    • This will give you & our CM, a "Current Running Leaderboard", for the Contest! *Please include *Page Number, you posted your lowest score on, along with the *Level Number!

    For our *Newbies.

    • Always read *Page 1 First, on the forum, thread, discussion, contest, etc... you are on. It is the "Key" on posting. Tells you what it is about. Along on what to do. About 90% of your questions will be answered here.
    • Screenshot Posting! If your screenshot doesn't say *Next - Below The Score, it means you didn't do it right. You must finish or replayed the level, in order to get *Next - Listed Below The Score! The other thing I recommend, is please do not "Black Out", "Cross Out", or "Manipulate" the screenshot. I am certain, the players who are listed under *Highscore, are not too worried, about players showing up at their dinner table. Need a address for that. Of course if they were concerned, then wouldn't be playing the game. Odds are, they want you to see how mean & great their scores are. (hehe)


    • *Current Standings On Lowest Scores For - *Level 5600 - *Level 560 - *Level 56! 
    • *On 1/07/2021!


    • *Level 5600

    • 1st - *Page 7 Level 5600 *Score 16,180 - @Yosca
    • 2nd - *Page 4 Level 5600 *Score 17,260 - @rock2233
    • 3rd - *Page 7 Level 5600 *Score 17,860 - @Origins7_Dale


    • *Level 560

    • 1st - *Page 11 Level 560 *Score 60,200 - @rock2233  
    • 2nd - *Page 11 Level 560 *Score 63,440 - @Yosca
    • 3rd - *Page 9 Level 560 *Score 80,260 - @Werner_Cichy  


    • *Level 56

    • 1st - *Page 3 Level 56 *Score 36,320 - @Alex18
    • *Has 3 Stars, but a "Lower Score" than 2nd & 3rd Place!
    • *Also, no "Highscore" listed on bottom or side of "Main Screenshot"! *Should be a "Pink" outline for "Highscore" listings, on the bottom or side of "Main Screenshot"!
    • *Finally, screenshot looks "Faded Out"!

    • 2nd - *Page 6 Level 56 *Score 40,420 - @ipete
    • *Has 1 Star, but a "Higher Score" than 1st Place!

    • 3rd - *Page 11 Level 56 *Score 42,320 - @Yosca
    • *Has 2 Stars, but a "Higher Score" than 1st Place!

    • *For CM's @LadyRaffie @Lola_Pop require a "Ruling Please"! *See my notes above on *1st Place Screenshot! *Along with "Comparison" on Star Count to 2nd & 3rd Place!

    • If above *1st Place Screenshot "Disqualified" by our CM's, then "Corrected Leaders For Level 56" are listed below!

    • 1st - *Page 6 Level 56 *Score 40,420 - @ipete
    • 2nd - *Page 11 Level 56 *Score 42,320 - @Yosca
    • 3rd - *Pages 2 & 10 Level 56 *Score 42,420 - @aijaziqbal



    • Starting date: 30th Dec 1.00 PM CET
    • Ending date: 15th Jan 1.00 PM CET


    Until the next update.

    Now need to lay down.

    Take Care Group - Origins7 Dale, 😀


  • Rock2233
    Rock2233 Posts: 5,861 Level 4
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