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Hello! Everyone! 👋

I am Diamond Lim (You can also called me "Lim" is short as well) while some of them called me "Queen of Tags" / "Tagging Queen". Of course! I always tagging them to check these contests and more interesting news, discussions, ideas and others. 😊

Have you missed on contests and more interesting threads as coming late or haven't received your tags? So sad! 😢

Don't worry! Let me help and tag you on contests and more interesting threads on this game's community BUT... you must answer all of these 3 questions before you confirm to subscribe on Candy Crush Soda Tagging List. 😉

So here are 3 questions for you 😊

1. Have you still playing Candy Crush Soda Saga? Yes or No?

2. Are you still active player joined on Candy Crush Soda Community/King Community? Yes or No?

3. Do you want to receive your tags from your notifications when amazing contests (badges), news, discussions, ideas and others are released on this game's community? Yes or No?

If all of three questions are confirmed "Yes", you can write "Subscribe" on this thread that I will check your comments and add your tags on Candy Crush Soda Tagging List. Then you will received your tags on your notifications "Bell icon 🔔" when next Candy Crush Soda Contests (badges), News and more are released. 😊

If you don't want to receive your tags on Candy Crush Soda Community, you can write "Unsubscribe" then I will check your comments while remove your tags on Candy Crush Soda Tagging List that you never receive your tags on Candy Crush Soda Community.

** Anyway, Hub/General Contests (Badges) and more interesting Hub News (like Virtual Event, Celebration Discussion/News and others) also released on Community Hub, if you want to subscribe Community Hub Tagging List, you can check and comment to subscribe here that you will also received your tags on your notifications when next Hub Contests and more interesting Hub news released if you agree. 😉 **

So I hope the players never miss out while got tags to check on these threads easier. 😉

🥤 Have a nice and safety day! Soda Crush! 🥤

(Edited/Updated : 23rd March 2021)

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