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⚡️ Weekend Soda Challenge!🥤[CLOSED]

Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 5,874 Soda Moderator
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Hello Sodalicious people!

Let me introduce to all of you the amazing, the fantastic, the epic: Soda Weekend Challenge! 🥤💪

 🥤How does it work?

Easy! You just need to Play your current level (Or replay any level of your choice) and the player who comes closest to the Posted Score / Weekend Challenge will become the new Candy Crush Soda Champion of the Week!

🥤 When?

Every Thursday (1 pm CEST Time) to Monday (1 pm CEST Time)

🥤 What can I win?

An entrance in our Soda Hall of Fame HERE

And the Sodalicious Soda Champion Badge in your profile!

After winning the Weekend Soda Challenge 5 times the Super Champion Badge is earned! You will be known with 5 ⭐️ next to your name in the hall of fame!

After winning the Weekend Soda Challenge 10 times the Champion of Champions Badge is earned! You will be known with 10 🌟 next to your name in the hall of fame!

🥤 What about the rules?

  • You can play or replay *Any level you prefer! Must say “Next” underneath your score! Note only new screenshots are allowed, any ‘old’ screenshots are invalid!
  • Limited To 10 Screenshot Score Posts!
  • You can only erase the Level you played on. No manipulation, no edits; you can add your username or initials to your screenshot as long as it does not cover your avatar, level and score!
  • You can use Boosters if you want!
  • In case of a draw, we will have a 24 Hour Tiebreaker from the ending date of the Contest. The first player who hits the posted Tiebreaker Score is the Winner. Or at the end of the 24h Tiebreak, player closest to posted score will declared the winner
  • For our Newbies: Always read Page 1 First, on the forum, thread, discussion, contest, etc... you are on.

And.. that's all! Let's start popping those bottles and let's see who becomes our first & next Weekend Challenge Champions! 

Want to participate? Sign up HERE!

Terms and Conditions HERE!

Have fun and remember... May the Community be with you! 🚀



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