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⚡️ New! Weekend Soda Challenge!🥤

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Hello Sodalicious people!

Let me introduce to all of you the amazing, the fantastic, the epic: Soda Weekend Challenge! 🥤💪

 🥤How does it work?

Easy! You just need to play your current level (or any level of your choice) and the player who comes closer to my score will become the new Candy Crush Soda Champion of the week!

🥤 When?

Every Thursday (1 pm CET time) to Monday (1 pm CET time) - it's called the Weekend Challenge 😉

🥤 What can I win?

An entrance in our Soda Hall of Fame HERE

The fabulous and Sodalicious Champion Badge!

🥤 What about the rules?

  • You can play the level you prefer, from level 60 on.
  • Post the screenshot from the end of the level. But please don't cut out anything else
  • You can use Boosters if you want
  • You can post more than one try: the maximum is 10 tries per player in a weekend
  • In case it's needed, we will have a tie break from Monday (1 pm CET time) to Tuesday (1 pm CET time)

And.. that's all! Let's start popping those bottles and let's see who becomes our first Weekend Challenge Champion! 

 Want to participate? Sign up HERE !

Check below the Weekend Challenges!

⚡️ 4th - 8th February

⚡️ 11th - 15th February

⚡️ 18th - 22nd February

Have fun and remember... May the Community be with you! 🚀

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