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🥤Straw Sipping Soda Silliness🥤

Nix66 Posts: 19,879 Sweet Legend
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Hi there all you Sodalicious people! 👋

Have you got your🥤Soda🥤in hand? 😉

Are you ready for some straw sipping Soda silliness? 🙃

Good! Let’s start shall we? Simply share something silly and funny. Easy, right? 😉 Sayings, memes, gifs, jokes, a short story or anything that tickles your funny bone and adds to the silliness!

Let’s get super silly! The sillier the better! 😜💕

Want to participate? Sign up HERE

Looking for a clue to 🔎Solve the Mystery🔍 ...

Your clue is “Bubblegum Troll”.



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