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(FINISHED) Spring Soda Games - Archery! 🎯

LadyRaffie Posts: 4,126 Community Manager
edited April 2021 in Contests

Hi Soda Crushers!


Should we start with the second competition of our Soda Spring Games?


All teams have the same final score to achieve:

⭐️15.217.700 ⭐️

  • Your team has to reach a score of 15.217.700 points in total, summing up all of your individual scores
  • The team that comes closest to the mark of 15.217.700 points, will be the winner ( you can surpass it, but the closest you get to the mark, the more chances you have to win!)

⭐️ Rules

  • Every player can post max 3 screenshots a day ( @Yosca and @Miss_Dani will help us calling the new day)
  • The max. score for each screenshot is 500.000 points ( you can surpass it but it won’t be counted more than 500k points)
  • Each spokesperson of team has the responsibility to sum up the team's scores at least once a week indicating the page # of team players' screenshot
  • Every player of the team has to post at least 1 screenshot in the challenge
  • Each player can choose the level they want to play ( can be different levels or same levels) but you can't cover or erase the level!


From today Wednesday 7th of April until Wednesday 21st (11:00 CEST)


🏆 Prizes

Gold Medal for the team closest to the score + 440GB*

Silver Medal for the second for the team closest to the score + 360 GB*

Bronze Medal for the third for the team closest to the score + 220 GB*

(*Note: In case of a draw in some of the medals, the GB will be split among the winners, but all the winners will get the Medal) 

And all participants will get a badge as recognition!  

Have fun and remember.. May the Community be with you 🚀




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