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Spring Soda Games - Archery! 🎯

LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 2,484 Community Manager
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Hi Soda Crushers!


Should we start with the second competition of our Soda Spring Games?


All teams have the same final score to achieve:

⭐️15.217.700 ⭐️

  • Your team has to reach a score of 15.217.700 points in total, summing up all of your individual scores
  • The team that comes closest to the mark of 15.217.700 points, will be the winner ( you can surpass it, but the closest you get to the mark, the more chances you have to win!)

⭐️ Rules

  • Every player can post max 3 screenshots a day ( @Yosca and @Miss_Dani will help us calling the new day)
  • The max. score for each screenshot is 500.000 points ( you can surpass it but it won’t be counted more than 500k points)
  • Each spokesperson of team has the responsibility to sum up the team's scores at least once a week indicating the page # of team players' screenshot
  • Every player of the team has to post at least 1 screenshot in the challenge
  • Each player can choose the level they want to play ( can be different levels or same levels) but you can't cover or erase the level!


From today Wednesday 7th of April until Wednesday 21st (11:00 CEST)


🏆 Prizes

Gold Medal for the team closest to the score + 440GB*

Silver Medal for the second for the team closest to the score + 360 GB*

Bronze Medal for the third for the team closest to the score + 220 GB*

(*Note: In case of a draw in some of the medals, the GB will be split among the winners, but all the winners will get the Medal) 

And all participants will get a badge as recognition!  

Have fun and remember.. May the Community be with you 🚀


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