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Rainbow Streak Bottles disappear in CC Soda

zoltanbzoltanb Posts: 2 Newbie

Ok so evidently there’s a new change to the gameplay regarding the bottles we earn in our rainbow streak in Candy Crush Soda. Before if I had 5 bottles after winning the 5 previous levels and lose the next one I’d simply loose 1 bottle. I’d then have 4 bottles remaining to try the level again. NOW, if that same scenario plays out, I loose ALL 5 BOTTLES if I don’t pay for more gold bars?! Seriously?! I’ve been playing Candy Crush Soda for years. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a MONEY GRAB by King Games. If this is not corrected I will be deleting this game and all King Games permanently.


  • YoscaYosca Posts: 3,727 Soda Moderator

    Hello and welcome @zoltanb to the Community 🙂. Last year the Rainbow streak had changed in my game. I know the Studio was testing different scenarios. Some had 3 bottles, others had 5, some lost 1 bottle and others lost them all. I even had for some weeks 10 bottles and lost them all when I lost my level.

    Many players already have this ‘new’ bottle streak (losing all bottles) and I think you were very lucky to have the regular Rainbow bottle streak as long as you did. I too was displeased with the new kind of Rainbow bottle streak. But I also have to honestly say that I'm used to it now and shrugging my shoulders. 

    Maybe it is still in a testing phase and things change back, you never know.

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  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 980 Level 4

    the same thing happened to me this week, before I lost 1 bottle at a time, now when i lose 1 level i lose all the bottles at once. I also didn't like this new version.

  • JameeJamee Posts: 4 Newbie
    edited April 13

    Hey all!

    It is totally exasperating. During this time of Covid it seems that King should be giving more not less. I found I enjoyed Soda much more than Jelly for the simple fact Soda did not take all of the bottles away. I've played King games for years. The recent cuts that King thinks noone is noticing are UNKIND to put it nicely. The string I'm holding on with is very frayed.

    I'm playing other types of games now. Many of the hidden object games have a storyline and an option to match 3. King, you're doing a FINE job. (Edit by CM: Offensive)

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