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Changed Awards Disappointment

CastleBooBooCastleBooBoo Posts: 1 Newbie

Has anyone noticed the changes to the awards? For example, the Gold Bars Piggy Bank. The bank now holds 80 bars. If you break it, the cost is $8.99. Not only do you not get the number of bars we used to get, but it is $2 more.

The Springtime Mystery game quests are mostly tied to the Bear Brawl rewards which require bolts of Energy as does Bubblegum Hill. If you want to continue to play, money is required or you have to wait for the Energy to build. The Energy only builds to a 100 and one play is a 100.

I have reached level 6900 and have to wait for content, so I think it is time to say good bye to Soda.



  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 18,009 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome

    There are contributions to the events and you can post them there. Because you are more likely to get answers there.

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  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 13,100 Soda Moderator

    Hi @CastleBooBoo and welcome to our Sodalicious Community! Thanks for the tag @Spinnifix. 😉

    My Bubblegum Hill has changed to 20 Energy for one play. Perhaps you have a pending update?

    Try this troubleshooting:

    Check for any updates for your device and game app and install if there are any / Log out of your game / Clear the cache from your App Store or browser / Power off your device and leave off at least 10 seconds / Power back on / Log back into your game.

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