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  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 12,170 Level 5

    @Yosca I love this thread!!! I love hearing about everyone's lives, trials, tribulations, and accomplishments.

    I am proud of all of my children. Some of them were gifted athletes and I got to see some of the world while traveling with them for tournaments. Some of my children have endured very severe injuries. Most of them have given me grandchildren.

    I am proud of myself for having taken my love of children and created my own business(in home child care) and have been doing it for 38 years today. It gave me the opportunity to stay home and raise my own 5 children.

    And last I am proud of my twisted sense of humor. May all of you in the community survive it lol

  • rajdeeptb
    rajdeeptb Posts: 4,323 Level 5

    Hi @Yosca .

    Nice Discussion.

    Some unique things about me 👇

    I had survived 2 day with only water ( I Remember When i Was Lost my Way In The Forest).

    i was selected For International border exposer Visit In My First Try After Seeing My Certificates. (Even People are trying 5 to 6 times).

    I was College Topper .

    I Was Campus ambassador Of My college For National Service Scheme .

    At Last 👇

    Being Unique Is Better than being perfect.

  • Precious0914
    Precious0914 Posts: 194 Level 3

    Interesting stories so far

  • Precious0914
    Precious0914 Posts: 194 Level 3

    Mine story was surviving an auto crash with a broken pelvic and I was pregnant, today I'm a proud mother of a bouncing boy without going through cesarean surgery

  • aijaziqbal
    aijaziqbal Posts: 8,884 Sweet Legend

    Thanks @Yosca .

    I am proud of myself countering the tough heat of middle east, learning their language, changing my profession from finance to marketing and surviving and finally developing myself into the high profile company management although all the odds were against me. Served 17 years....😉

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

  • fabke
    fabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑
    edited June 2021

    @Yosca thanks again for a beautiful story and badge

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim, @DGenevieve

    When I was in college, I worked 2 months as a job student in a circus and traveled to every village or town in my small country, where we speak Dutch, French and German.

    I sold popcorn, cleaned their mobilhome, had my own caravan to sleep. Some hrs free and then I went swimming and sightseeing.

    I had a lot of adventures till my 35y.

  • carmenechevarria
    carmenechevarria Posts: 1,913 Pro Player 👑

    I think I'm most proud of myself. I have two children and basically took care of them myself. I raised a handsome young man and a beautiful young lady. Although their fathers came in late in the game, the important years were you mold your kids to become a productive person in world, the gentleman and young lady part are because of the direction a lead them on. Everyone says what a great job I did, I'm still working on excepting that compliment.

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 13,639 Candy Moderator

    I am very proud of my family, my wonderful husband, two daughters and now two grandsons. The girls lived all over the world and have grown into strong, intelligent women and I am so proud of them.

    One unique thing about me, I was stationed temporarily on a British aircraft carrier acting as a liaison officer during a US Naval exercise. What was unique was this was before they allowed their female navy personnel to stay on board their ships. The request to allow me to be on board went all the way up to their Ministry of Defense. I was the only female on board so they assigned me to the VIP/ guest quarters because it had its own bathroom. So I was the first female military person to ever stay overnight on a British warship (I was on board 10 days).

  • Moh1977
    Moh1977 Posts: 7,061 Level 5

    The moments I am most proud of are when graduating from university. Unforgettable times while sharing the joy with family and friends.

  • shafer223
    shafer223 Posts: 259 Pro Player 👑

    Ty for the tag @Diamond Lim @yosand the contest @Yosca

    My uniqueness is what brought me here 18 months ago I went to see a Dr about what I thought was a backache turned out to be A vascular Necrosis which meant

    My hips were suffocating and dying they could have operated and drilled holes to send oxygen to my hips but USA had just went on lockdown and because of Covid I went from being a welder to being bedridden in 4 months. When the hospitals finally reopened M R I revealed that both my hips had died and collapsed they replaced 1 then we went on lockdown again for 3 more months before they would even attempt replacing the other 1.

    So I spent 9 months in bed in excruciating pain 24/7 and the only thing I was able to do was play with my phone where I discovered King games.Im proud and happy to say that while I will never be 100% again I do have 2 brand new hips and have recently started walking again.King games and Coin master are a permanent part of my life now and I'm getting better every day TY

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