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🧨 Million Member Club 🧨 Badge‼️

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Hello there fellow Soda Crushers! 😀

There’s a new club here in the Soda Community! 😎

Interested in joining? No need for you to learn any secret handshake. No password required. 😉

To join will require a spectacular score, however! 🤩

Have you figured it out already? That’s right! The Soda Community now has and you are invited to join its very own Million Member Club! 🙌

For joining this cool new exclusive Million Member Club you will receive this brand new exclusive badge ⤵️

Membership Requirements

In order to join the cool Million Member Club all you will need to do is to post a screenshot of any replayed Soda level showing a score with over a million points. 

That’s it!

Submit a score of 1 Million points or higher!

Screenshots must be newly acquired (no old screenshots from before the club formed) along with having the word ‘Next’ under the score. 🧐

Screenshots may not be manipulated. 🤨

You may however add your name or initials as long as nothing is covered up in doing so. 🤓

No account? No problem! Sign up HERE



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