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This is what you wanna know when you start playing Soda

Yosca Posts: 15,358 Soda Moderator
edited April 2022 in Soda Tips

Hello fellow Soda Crushers!

When I started playing Soda I didn't know what the game was about. Yes, the level assignment was clear: find the bears, spread the jam, bring the bear up.

But how do you do certain moves that make you lose the ice, or find those bears more easily?

You have different types of levels. For example, you have to spread jam, or clean the bubble gum, or get rid of ice. Then I got boosters, which were briefly described, and gold bars. Logically I used the boosters and gold bars only to find out later that boosters and gold bars don't just get replenished 😕

Let me give you more info about boosters, gold, energy and features below 👇🏻

To know in which events and features you can win them, go HERE


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