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This is what you wanna know when you start playing Soda

YoscaYosca Posts: 6,066 Soda Moderator
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Hello fellow Soda Crushers!

When I started playing Soda I didn't know what the game was about. Yes, the level assignment was clear: find the bears, spread the jam, bring the bear up.

But how do you do certain moves that make you lose the ice, or find those bears more easily?

You have different types of levels. For example, you have to spread jam, or clean the bubble gum, or get rid of ice. Then I got boosters, which were briefly described, and gold bars. Logically I used the boosters and gold bars only to find out later that boosters and gold bars don't just get replenished 😕

Let me give you more info about boosters, gold, energy and features below 👇🏻

To know in which events and features you can win them, go HERE


  • YoscaYosca Posts: 6,066 Soda Moderator


    Striped candy

    You can make these yourself by combining 4 of the same color candy horizontally or vertically. When you activate this booster, an entire row disappears vertically or horizontally.

    Wrapped candy

    You can make a wrapped candy from 5 of the same color candy. Exploding it will remove more candies.

    Lollipop aka hammer

    You can smash a candy or damage a blocker (like licorice swirl, ice, cupcake) without using a move.


    Choose a color to get rid of it, or combine it with another booster (e.g. wrapped or striped candy, fish) to change  that color of the candy in a booster.

    Free switch

    Switch 2 candies that don't match without using any moves so that they do match, for example to make a booster.  You can swap in all directions.

    Coloring candy

    Combine the coloring candy with another color candy and it changes into the same color as the coloring candy.

    Swedish fish

    1 Fish becomes 2 fish. You can combine 2 fish of different colors and multiple fish are supposed to swim towards blockers.

    Striped lollipop

    When you use a striped lollipop to remove a candy or a blocker, it will create a blast horizontal - vertical without using a move.

    Supersonic lolly

    You can use this booster to remove all layers of the board, and, if possible, complete the level. At the moment you can get the 5 pieces you need to complete the lollipop in an event in Teams.

    Powerful Boosters

    You can combine the different boosters with each other to make a powerful booster:

    Combine a wrapped and a striped candy and a large area gets clean.

    Combine colorbomb and coloring candy and many blockers are gone. Your board has been cleaned up quite a bit!

    Combine colorbomb or coloring candy with a striped or wrapped candy and the colors of candy that are combined with each other will become a striped or wrapped candy.

    Combine colorbomb or coloring candy with the Swedish fish and you will get twice as many fish (I personally have a big preference for the double fish 😁)

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  • YoscaYosca Posts: 6,066 Soda Moderator

    These blockers can encounter in your Soda game:

    Bubble Gum

    It spreads or strengthens every move you do not "chew".  Make matches with the candy that has gum on it to remove it.


    It can be broken by matching candies adjacent to it, or through any special candies effects reaching the ice cube.


    There is brown chocolate 1 layer) and white chocolate (2 layers) It spreads every move you do not clear it. It can also avert specials. Chocolate can be eaten by breaking the candies adjacent to it, or through any special candies effects reaching the chocolate.


    It can be removed by matching candies adjacent to it, or through any special candy's effects reaching the honey.

    Liquorice swirl

    It can be disposed of through breaking the candy next to it, or any special candy's effects through it. They are resistant, if you e.g. use the striped lollipop hammer, the exposure stops at the licorice.

    Liquorice lock

    You can break them with wrapped or striped candy or combine the wrapped and striped candy.


    You have to hit this multiple times to destroy it.


    Make a move next to it and it is removed.

    This pancake consists of several layers and needs to be hit a number of times before it is removed.


    A 2 layer cupcake. Hit it twice and you’ve destroyed it.

    This cupcake consists of several layers and needs to be hit 5 times before it is destroyed.


    This is a blocker but it is also a kind of booster. Hit the jellycake 8 times and it explodes and hits all the blockers and candies on the board. 

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