Welcome to the Soda Autumn Games2 🍂🌰

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Hello Sodalicious people! 

Welcome to our Autumn Soda Games!  🏋🏻🤾🏼‍♀️

Of course, the Olympic mood stills on we want to honor the famous values we all love and share in the Community 




💫 Determination




Are you ready for some weeks of fair competition? 

This time the Soda Autumn Games will host 4 competitions, two of them will be individual and two will be played by teams.

Team up below for the competitions played by teams

  • Competition 1 Individual: Archery ( Finished)
  • Competition 2 Individual: Marathon HERE!
  • Competition 3 Teams:
  • Competition4 Teams:

In the meantime, let’s start teaming up for the team’s competition, shall we?

Here are the TEAM RULES:
  • Every member of the team needs to have a community account (Sign up in 2 seconds!) and play Candy Crush Soda
  • To create a team, comment with the names of all participants of the team and the team name (after having discussed it among you of course)
  • Teams have to have 3 players
  • Each team must choose a unique team name
  • Each team has to choose a spokesperson who will sum up the team's scores at least once a week
  • Each player can be only in 1 team
  • For those who participated in the previous Soda Games, you can use the same teams, as long as all participants agree ( just confirm it to us here below) 

You have until the 18th of October 13.00 CEST! So hurry up and team up!



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