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🥊 Bake a Cake Vs Bubblegum Hill

LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 3,692 Community Manager
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Hello Sodalicious people!

We want to ask you which event do you prefer playing in your game

👉Is it Bake a cake so you can collaborate with your team members? Or do you prefer to compete for the throne?

Vote and comment on what team you are in!

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🥊 Bake a Cake Vs Bubblegum Hill 114 votes

Bake a Cake
ElsaChris_ForrestPummyRajBricornAndres-2TweetShelly_L_BatesGlenn1972bearwithmetininha1975Mishthefishdm1EOTheGr8laleyPitty_KittyrawmustardOrigins7_DaleRailfan2007MountainMomNenikapaki 76 votes
Bubblegum Hill
Tzvi_MarcuChakrajlynnb23YoscaJVO123siti_payungakgreenwald55KathleenWalkerElenaVoronaMollySgina4colinNikolaos_Prodromidiskerbear409beanragsgimkieStitcheroolatasharichardscwigRona_sindingteeta_reema 38 votes


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