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🥤Meet the player- Leyla

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Hello Sodalicious people! 

Enjoying the birthday celebrations? Let's introduce you to our last player!

Meet today our Sodalicious Leyla, @laley for the Community! 

🎤 What level you are at? 

I am currently at level 2817

🎤 How long have you been playing Candy Crush Soda?

I've been playing CCS for about 3 years.

🎤 Where are you playing from? 

I am playing from NYC.

🎤What’s the best thing for you about Soda or Why do you play Soda? ( You can choose which question you prefer to answer)

I play CCS because it's fun and I really enjoy the contests, I love the fact that I'm competing with people from all around the world, and winning gold and badges doesn't hurt 😂🤣

🎤 What’s your fav booster?

My absolutely favorite booster is the Supersonic Lolly (I wish it was easier to obtain), I also love the coloring candies.

🎤 What do you prefer Kimmy or Yeti? 

I prefer Yeti because he is just like a big old teddy bear 🤗

🎤 What do you prefer BGH or Bear Brawl? 

The Bubblegum Hill event is cool but I prefer the Bear Brawl because I am actually competing against another player.

🎤What do you prefer Soda bottles or Gummy bears? 

I prefer the levels with Soda Bottles.

If you want to know more about @laley free to ask her any questions below! 👇️

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